3 Beauty Trends the Everyday Women Should Avoid

I’m a huge believer that makeup should suit your lifestyle and needs. So I often get frustrated with many online beauty trends that look so amazing on Instagram orĀ  in a makeup ad. However, they simply are not applicable for real life. If you’re reading this, you have probably tried some of the makeup trends I’m talking about only to feel frustrated.

“Why don’t I look like that girl in the picture? I’m using the same product she is using.”

This is a common question I hear all of the time. And here’s the answer. Makeup tends to look a lot different in picture than it does in real life.

As a makeup artist in Arizona, I try really hard to create photo friendly makeup looks that are also wearable because my clients have long days ahead of them when they leave me. And, I am usually not there to monitor their makeup.

This is not the case if you work on set with perfect lighting and nonstop makeup touchups. This is why makeup can look so flawless in pictures. Well, this and photoshop.

So let me tell you about my 3 LEAST FAVORITE products/trends that you should avoid, especially if you are a 5 minute makeup person.


Have you heard of baking your concealer with powder? This technique calls for a lot of concealer under the eyes. Then, you set it with powder so it can bake. Most people do a shade lighter to shape their face. The results can look great in photos. My concerns with this technique are the following:

  • If you do not wear a full coverage foundation, baking can make it look like you have eye patches under your eyes.
  • Baking doesn’t address dark circles on the inner well of the eyes – a common problem for many women.
  • Applying concealer on puffiness (where you put it when you bake) emphasizes the problem.
  • This technique is likely to crease throughout the day because it requires a decent amount of concealer.
  • Baking can emphasize fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.
  • If you apply concealer too close to the lash line it takes away the natural shape of the eye.

For help with concealer, check out this post.


I love nothing more than adding shape to someone’s face. However, when I see extreme befores and afters online from contouring, I know immediately that the person is wearing SO MUCH makeup.

The only way you can shrink you nose significantly in size is to shade and highlight with several layers of cream foundation or concealer. In order for it to look realistic, you have to apply the same amount of coverage on your entire face.

It usually takes a good amount of time to properly shade and blend. It also looks amazing in a picture. However, it doesn’t always look as good in a real life walking around because you are wearing a lot of makeup and it is often very striped if not applied correctly.

It’s particularly not realistic for the soccer mom who does her makeup at 8am and will not have time to look in the mirror to reevaluate it until 4pm. That same scenario it true of a working woman or someone in school.

It is also important to note that these textures are NOT ideal for older skin because they tend to be thicker creams that sit in the lines of the skin.

If you want to add some shape to your face, try MY FAVORITE MATTE BRONZER! It will nicely enhance your face like it did in the picture above. Even better you can apply it in less than a minute.


Finally, NO one needs white powder. It seemed fancy when it first came out, but the honest truth is it’s messy and unflattering. It’s meant for film and that’s it.

Wearing a white powder daily can actually make your skin look dull and splotchy in pictures. Who wants that?

If you have dry skin, it’s really not for you because you do not need a pressed or loose powder (which are the kinds of powder you can find white versions of).

If you have oily skin, you’re better off with something flesh toned. My favorite is this one.

Celebrity Eye Makeup Simplified: Tips for Your Own Bathroom

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