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3 Beauty Lessons I Learned From My Mom

My mom always made me feel like I was the most beautiful and talented girl in the world.  I grew up thinking that was a mother’s job and now spend my days telling my son how amazing I think he is.  Like most kids, I think my mom is the best out there.  And, I honestly hope to be just like her.  In addition to being my constant cheerleader and the best grandma, she’s also taught me a lot about beauty.

mom and harvey

1 – SMILE!!!!!

Whenever I was sad, frustrated, or in a bad mood, my parents would tell me that it takes more effort to frown than smile.  This advice annoyed me at times.  Who wants to be told to “turn that frown upside down” when they are in a bad mood?  But after years of practice, smiling comes a lot easier to me.

A smile makes you attractive.  Smiling is contagious, and you usually want to be around people that have a grin on their faces!


2 – Act as Nice as You Look

My mom has always made an effort to look nice.  When we grew up, our clothes were cleaned and ironed.  During my surgery, she did the same thing for Harvey.  What a lucky boy!!!  Although she cared about looking nice, she was more concerned about our actions.  We were constantly told, “Act as nice as you look.”  Such wonderful advice.  There is nothing prettier to me than someone who is kind.

People with inner beauty radiate.  I’ve seen this first hand in my line of work.  It’s easy for me to do their makeup because they are truly beautiful.

3 – Wear Lipstick

liquick lipstick fiore

The first makeup product my mom bought me was lipstick.  She loves lipstick and has passed that love on to me.  We are currently both in love with Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks.  They stay on forever!!!  My mom currently mixes Patina and Fiore.  She also really likes Aria.  My go-to is Fiore.  I like to add a cool light pink lip gloss over top.  I think it creates a beautiful hue.

Lipstick is a must-have as you age – especially as you lose pigment in your lips. Lipstick is also adds life to your face, and it is totally on trend.  If you are afraid of lipstick, start with a lip stain.  This is a are more natural alternative that will provide your lips with hint of color.


I love you mom!  Thanks for always making me feel beautiful and for helping me to see the beauty in others!!! xo





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  1. I saw your mom on Sunday sneaking a minute alone with your dad outside of the church. I didn’t have time to stay, nor did I want to interrupt their time, but I caught a glimpse of super pretty hair, beautiful highlights. Your mom is such a pretty lady, inside and out.

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