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2016 Beauty Gift Guide

If you are not sure what to get your friends, mom, mother-in-law, or other females in your life, beauty gifts are always a good idea. Most are one-size fits all, and many provide instant satisfaction to the receiver. I mean, don’t you feel fantastic when you try on a great shade of lipstick?

I’ve broken my gift guide down by categories┬áto help you shop accordingly.

Stocking Stuffers:

  • EOS lipbalms – a must have for everyone. They are so easy to find in your purse or backpack because of the shape.
  • Nail polish – try a green shade. Kale is supposed to be one of the top fashion colors for 2017 according to Pantone.
  • New tweezers – because they do get dull after awhile, making it harder to pluck your eyebrows.
  • A metal lash comb – to comb out clumps in the lashes.
  • An eyelash curler. I have found that most people’s lash curler do not work very well. It’s worth it to get a good one. This one is amazing.



20s to 30s:

  • A Naked Palette. If they already own one or two, get the new Ultimate Basics. Darker skinned individuals look better in the original Naked. The Naked 2 is the most universally flattering. Naked 3 looks good on people with pinker undertones or fair skin.
  • Liquid Lipstick. This is a matte lipstick that wears all day. Think Kylie Jenner lip kits! You don’t have to spend a fortune on her kits to achieve the same look and results. Try this amazing holiday set for a variety of colors.
  • A good cleanser. I love this one because it is gentle like Cetaphil but removes makeup 100 times better.


40s and up (because you are never to old for makeup!):

  • Kevyn Aucoin eyeliner – it goes on like silk, which is nice as your eyes age. The smudger on the other end allows you to soften the line so your eyeliner is less harsh. This way anything unfortunate along the eye area is less noticeable.
  • An anti-aging eye cream. Anything with vitamin’s A, C, and E, retinol, peptides, and antioxidants can help with aging. If you want to splurge, this one is great for the price.
  • Cream blush. This add youth and vivacity to the skin as you age. Bonus, it’s super easy to apply!!

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  1. What face wash do you love better than Cetaphil? The link posted turned up the lipstick set at urban outfitters. I have been having the worse problem lately with my skin. Way worse than in my youth and I have been trying really hard to find a solution.

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