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10 Tips for Clearer Skin

In a dream world, my skin would look incredible everyday.  It wouldn’t get dull when I was feeling sick.  The hormonal breakouts would never be a problem.  And, it would always look smooth and beautiful.  Sadly, dream worlds are for people that exist in photoshop.  Even celebrities and models suffer from problematic skin.  How do you fix them?  Try the following 10 suggestions:

1 – When in Doubt Go to the Dermatologist

You don’t have to be “crater face” to visit the dermatologist.  I think this is the wise decision if you are experiencing changes in your skin.  You might even save yourself money.  It can be costly to experiment with over-the-counter remedies.  A good dermatologist has a better chance at determining the right remedy for you.  It’s probably more effective too.


2 – Don’t Change What Works

I never recommend changing a skincare regimen that is working.  Why freak out your skin with new products when it already looks good?!  Makes no sense.  If you want to add in anti-aging products, do it gradually.

3 – Stop Trying New Products

Testing out a lot of new products on your skin is an easy way to irritate it.  Sure, you can get a sample for every foundation available and try them out for a few days.  Chances are your skin might get worse overtime.  It is better to look for foundations that meets your skin’s needs.  Then, use your hand to determine what textures feel best.  This will eliminate the reactions and irritations that can come with trying too many different products.

makeup samples

4 – Moisturize Where You Need It

There is no reason to moisturize where you don’t need it.  Moisturizer helps with dehydration in the skin.  If you are oily, you are not dehydrated.  Don’t waste your time trying to hydrate skin that is obviously not a dry desert  It might contribute to breakouts and/or greasy foundation that doesn’t stay put.

5 – Only Exfoliate Dry Patches

Exfoliators do not make sense if you have acne.  They simply spread the bacteria around your face – sometimes causing more acne.  If you have dry patches on your skin, it makes sense to exfoliate them from your skin.  If you have acne, use a spot treatment to get rid of the breakouts.

spot treatment

6 – Avoid Powders

Powders can clog the pores and contribute to more breakouts – especially if you are applying a lot of it to cover the imperfections on your skin.  A lightweight liquid foundation is a better alternative.  Your skin will be able to breathe, and you will still get the coverage you desire.  It’s a win-win.

7 – Stop Touching Your Face

The less you touch your face when you have acne, the better.  If you want to pop a zit, use a spot treatment instead,  You will minimize scarring when you do this.  Also, messing with acne usually makes it worse.  It is almost always better to leave it alone.

touching face

8 – Go Fragrance Free

Fragrance is a known contributor to acne.  If you eliminate the fragrance in your laundry detergent, body wash, face wash, makeup products, shampoo, clothing, etc., your skin might clear up.  You should definitely try this if your acne is around the hair line.

9 – Clean Your Brushes

If you haven’t cleaned your makeup brushes in awhile, that could be the source of your skin troubles.  Makeup brushes can build up with dirt and debris if you don’t wash them.  You are basically putting this stuff on your face when you do your makeup.  It’s not surprising your skin is suffering.

dirty makeup brushes

10 – When All Else Fails Use Toothpaste

It sounds stupid, but the best at-home remedy I have tried when everything the dermatologist has given me fails is toothpaste.  Just don’t overdo it!  You don’t want to dry out your skin too much and cause it to scar!

acne treatment concealer murad

Finally, remember that no one looks at you as closely as you do.  They probably don’t even realize your skin is struggling.  Also, concealer is your best friend when you have a breakout.    I recommend Murad’s acne treatment concealer.



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