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10 Makeup Rules for a Better You!

I’ve been helping people better apply makeup for a few years now. Most women already use makeup and want to improve their abilities so they get better results with their efforts. There are also women who shy away from makeup because they are worried they will get it wrong and mess up. Regardless of where you fit in your makeup abilities, the following 10 rules will help you look better.


  1. Use a taupe matte eye shadow in your crease to help your eyes look more open.
  2. Apply liquid eyeliner after mascara. This makes it easier to get a straight, defined line.
  3. Fill in your brows first. Then pluck the spare hairs.
  4. Layer foundation to achieve the desired coverage amount. Start with a small amount and build so your skin does not look cakey.
  5. Peachy, orange concealers cancel out the blue undertones around the eyes and make you look less tired.
  6. Avoid too much powder on the face. Cream based products including foundations, cream blushes, and liquid bronzers all look more natural on the face.
  7. Foundations with light diffusing pigments visually smooth the skin and help you look younger.
  8. Lip color will help add youth to your appearance as you get older.
  9. Adding shimmer or glitter to the center of the eyelid will help your eyes pop in a picture.
  10. There is rarely one product that is right for everyone, but there are products that may be perfect for you.

Remember, makeup does not have to be intimidating! Have fun enhancing your beauty and contact me if you need help.

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