Tips for Recreating These Homecoming Looks

I am in love with some of the looks I created for homecoming this year. Homecoming makeup does not have to be something you look back on in 10 years and think “what was I thinking??” Ha. Instead, you can choose something glamorous that fits with your dress and makes you look a little more sophisticated for the occasion.


If you want a smokey eye look, try avoiding grey tones because they tend to look harsh against the skin. I prefer browns. You can use a dark brown shadow or try a cream shadow stick for something more pigmented. For the look above, I used my all time favorite cream shadow sticks. If you want something more budget friendly, try these.


A lot of girls love glitter, and it is often a great add on to your makeup when you are heading to a special event. The glitter complements sequins or shiny textures that are common in many of the homecoming dresses. I almost always use these liquid glitter shadows because they look so pretty on the eyes. I prefer applying them with my fingers for a less pigmented look, but you can just paint them on the eyes. Most of the time they look better to use on top of an eyeshadow.


Today’s teens are VERY concerned at having a perfect complexion. Even the smallest blemish can affect their self esteem. They are also concerned about anything resembling oil. I prefer a more dewey look, healthy look. However, to them, this often looks shiny.

Fortunately, this foundation stick provides an amazing happy medium. It gives teens what they want – coverage with a more matte texture. At the same time, it doesn’t look overly heavy, drying, or cakey. It’s one of my go-to products for teens. I prefer using it on top of a tinted moisturizer. For teens who are dry, I like this tint. For teens who are oily, I like this one.


Finally, remember every feature counts. It’s important to not overlook something. I loved that the girls above were concerned about their brows and a good lip color. I think it really helped complete their look. This is important no matter where you are going!

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