5 Signs You Have a Bad Mascara

Do you ever wonder if you have a good mascara or if there is something better? And by something better, I don’t necessarily mean that you need to increase your budget by $20 every 2 months. Instead, you simply might need to switch formulas.

In a recent poll I took on Instagram, I asked everyone to share their favorite mascara. Entries could only include mascaras that didn’t smudge or flake. This mascara was the most popular. It is less than $10, has a normal brush, and comes in multiple color options. However, I think almost everyone should wear black.

While some mascaras seems to work well for a lot of individuals, you need to make sure it works well for you!! Here are five signs you have the wrong one:

1. It’s TOO Wet.

Wet mascaras are more difficult to coat. They make your lashes clump together, no matter how good the brush is.

2. It Looks Clumpy

There’s a difference between volume and clumps. There are a few common culprits for clumpy mascara:

  • it’s old
  • the wand lacks the ability to separate
  • the formula is too wet

When you have a good mascara, you should be able to apply several layers without it looking too clumpy. For best results, let the first layer dry before applying another one. I like to alternate eyes. This way I never get it to wet or gel like.

3. You Can’t See It

Did you spend five minutes coating and it looks like you didn’t apply mascara? Your formula is too natural. Try going with something blacker that has more volume. If you are worried about clumps, you can also get a metal lash comb to separate your lashes.

4. It Smudges or Flakes

Sometimes certain formulas smudge or flake. There are also certain people that are more prone to smudging and flaking. If you have difficulty finding a mascara that doesn’t smudge or flake, you might need a tubing mascara. This type of mascara is heat resistant, and it does not smudge. It will wear throughout the day and you can take it off with warm water.

5. Your Lashes Don’t Stay Curled

If your mascara is weighing down your lashes, then you might need something that keeps them in place better. A waterproof mascara keeps the curl in place so your lashes stays lifted. Just make sure you have a good makeup remover.


If you need help applying your mascara, check out this video:

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